NF Audio


NF Audio is a Sydney (Australia) based company that offers custom built monitor controlling solutions. As fewer and fewer large format analogue mixing consoles are used in studios, the need for tailor-made solutions to volume control, headphone monitoring and speaker selection has never been greater. We believe that workflows and practices are as diverse and creative as the music you make, so off-the-shelf products will rarely satisfy the unique requirements of your studio. Let us build you the perfect controller to make your every-day activities faster, better-sounding and more fun.

All of our monitor control solutions are passive, thus induce no colouration or noise to your signal. What comes out of your system, comes out of your speakers. We use only the best in componentry РNeutrik Connectors, Hammond Engineering dicast aluminium enclosures and all of our monitor volume controls are built using precision 24-position stepped attenuators. We can add a variety of active functions to controllers such as headphone amplifiers, VU meters and talkback functionality.

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